Some of Vienna’s food and wine


Firstly, I would like to say thank you all so much for your concern and I’m sorry to cause concern… we’re all good but reminded that life takes us around unexpected corners! I am looking ahead to our last 9 weeks in Italy and right now I must complete the Vienna experience as I have been informed Vienna is an up-and-coming holiday destination for a few bloggers out there.

As I said before, the cafe scene is big and bursting with avid food lovers, I have also never seen so many signs in cafe windows stating they are vegan friendly- this is something new to me. Of course, you are always going to have average food shops in the city centre where tourism is at its peak, however, if you just take a walk to a neighbouring suburb you won’t pay half as much and no doubt get something home made and delicious. Take for example our neighbourhood of Neubau: plenty of cafes to choose from at very reasonable prices. We settled on this one called Ulrich which was situated in the St. Ulrich Piatz just off Burggasse and just happens to be the new ‘hip’ place.


Hip new cafe/bar

We loved the outdoor seating and the relaxed atmosphere of the place. What we did find was they tend to ask you if you have a booking. We never did. However, most of the tables outside were pre-booked but we were told if we were gone before the booked time then they were happy to accommodate us. We figured an afternoon beer won’t take all evening to finish so we sat down and enjoyed the atmosphere. Our server here was a lovely guy who use to study in Bologna last year…and how did we find this out? We kept answering in Italian! 


Flat nuts – the perfect beer snack

We ordered beers (I had a Weissbier and Nic had the local Zwickel beer) and a bar snack, then sat back and enjoyed the afternoon along with everyone else. I have to say Nic and I both enjoyed Austrian beer much more than the wine. We are big red drinkers and favour a full bodied Shiraz which is very different to the Austrian reds we tried. They were very sweet, light and fruity. I think next time we will try more rieslings and definitely more beer. Our bar snack was delicious, the bread was crisp and house-made from whole wheat flour served with extra virgin olive oil and a dukka mix of crushed nuts, sesame seeds, salt, cumin seeds and a hint of chilli: absolutely delicious and very morish.


Fruit and veg vendor

Another of my favourite places to walk around in Vienna was the Naschmarkt, this is a wonderfully massive food market. You will find anything from food stalls, produce stands, restaurants, cheese vendors, old guys selling pickles and sauerkraut right out of the big barrels…and pretty much anything else you can think of that is food related. The first shop we came across was an Asian grocer so we stocked up on supplies to bring back to Italy (and sadly left them on the train!!) and then we found white asparagus. Big, fat, beautiful white asparagus, I love the stuff and can’t get enough of it at home as the supply is very small and very expensive. Another reason I love to stay in apartments is the fact that I can cook with local products, so I purchased a big bunch of white asparagus and served it for dinner and breakfast the following day. I would of been in heaven if I had brought my truffle salt too… But I managed to buy some mini brats wrapped in bacon that tasted pretty yummy, so breakfast the morning after the markets was pretty delish and gave us plenty of energy for a day of sightseeing.


Poached egg with sauteed asparagus and bacon wrapped mini brats


Another one of my favourites in Vienna was frittaten; pancakes seasoned with herbs, cut into thin strips and served in a rich beef stock. I can understand why this is popular with the locals, it is full of flavour and the texture of the pancake works beautifully with the  rich flavours in the broth.




I’m not sure I want to post this next picture but Max absolutely LOVED his cordon bleu. The kid has not stopped eating since his 12th birthday and Vienna was his mecca for large plates of meat! I have to say I did try a piece of his lunch this day and it was very yummy, however, my tuna salad was made beautifully and the right choice for me. What I am trying to say is if you have hungry pre-teens then Vienna is your town.


Giant cordon bleu

Right that’s it, I cannot possibly end this with that picture so here is one more delight you can have in Vienna- pastries 


Mango and pineapple pastry, apple and sultana and jam filled pastries

By the way, the mango and pineapple pastry on the left was my favourite and if you need a few cake recommendations I hear the esterhazytorte and the dobostorte are delicious…and how could I forget the classic apfelstrudel!

25 thoughts on “Some of Vienna’s food and wine

  1. Ugh… heavenly food. I want everything.
    I was on a budget when I went to Vienna, so I definitely didn’t have the chance to enjoy all this exquisite viennese cuisine. Btw, I love a Shiraz and Riesling, my favorite wines.

  2. I can’t remember much about food in Vienna so this post was very interesting.
    So glad to hear you’re all good – I was worried that your health was in danger because of the strong language you used! Am feeling a bit stupid now and I must have baffled Nic with my tweet last night. I put 2 & 2 together and thought I got 4 but apparently not!

  3. That is an enormous plate of meat and carbs. I think I’ll start putting aside savings now to pay the grocery bills later – the kids eat enough as it is now!

    Good to hear you’re all well, though it does sound like a rather rocky bump. The initial shock is sometimes the worst – you seem to be on the road to dealing with the situation.

    Frittaten – I have to try it one day. Hm, wonder if we can rustle up a recipe?

  4. Happy to hear your are hanging in there, hopefully things get better sooner than later!

    Apart from that the food market does look like a place where to get away from any worries! I just like food markets with all the smells and colours. And I’m with you on the Austrian beer, it’s good. Don’t think I’ve even tried any wines there…!

  5. Everything sounds and looks delicious! When we went to Vienna I was pleasantly surprised by the food. This brings back nice memories. 😊

  6. Great post as usual! I went to Vienna when I was 14 and all I really remember about it food-wise is Sacher Torte (good) & sauerkraut (bad)!

  7. That was wonderful Milly, except that it is nearly dinner time here an d it made me VERY hungry. Hope Max is preserving his new slimmer look with all this eating.

  8. Oh gosh, I always drool at the Italy pictures, but I’ve been there, and eaten quite a lot of it…Vienna however, is new territory! Who needs an hungry adolescent? I could dive into that plate right now! And wash it down with a beer or 2!

  9. I’ve never been to Vienna but how I’d love to go! It’s such a beautiful city but the food — the pastries — would keep me occupied. And jut when you think a place can’t get any better, you taste a beer. Heaven. 🙂

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