Italian BBQ

The Spring weather has been an absolute delight these past few weeks and with this comes one of my favourite food activities – barbecuing!!

I was put onto a very good local charcoal maker from a friend of mine whose Persian husband highly recommends it; and I have to say it has a delicious smoky flavour we are enjoying. I am not an expert on Italian BBQing but what I do know is when I BBQ in Italy, there is always plenty of food with fantastic flavour and I really don’t have to do anything to the food except enhance the flavour that is already there.

Last night was a beautiful evening for a spot of grilling so I am going to show you my ideal Italian BBQ when the weather is deliciously warm and begging for us to sit outside again while stoking the Weber.


We first started with peperini dolci, these wonderful small peppers have a sweetness to them that intensifies when lightly grilled. We then marinated them with thin slices of garlic, a pinch of chilli flakes, extra virgin olive oil and a good splash of vinegar. Left to marinate while the other food’s cooking, they are a treat worth waiting for.


Once the peppers are marinating it’s time to put the sausage on which usually takes about 5 minutes longer than the beef steak and if you have never tasted grilled Italian salsiccia then you really need to book a flight to Italy and find someone with a BBQ!

The sausage is delicious, extremely flavoursome and very, very morish. As for the bifstecca, I pay a little more and by the ‘Naturara’ beef which is hormone free, bursting with flavour and on the more expensive end of beef (the one in the photo cost me 15 euro), BUT an absolute bargain for any Australian buying quality beef. For example, if  I bought the same cut and size in Sydney from my butcher (excellent quality also) I would be looking at paying about $30-$40 for the same piece.


While the meats were resting it was time for Alex’s favourite: grilled cheese.


It is called tomino and it is like a mini brie with an extra tough outer rind that allows the heat to warm and melt the middle while keeping the outside intact and offering a lovely BBQ-ed flavour to the cheese. And because this is Tuscany, you can also buy tomino with a layer of speck for added flavour (no vegetarians for dinner tonight). I have to admit this is one of my new favourite foods too and I really have to limit us to one per four people, because if it were up to Alex and me, we would have a whole one each… I mean just check out that center:


That is pure heaven!

With all the foods resting and the cheese cooked to perfection it was time to eat. Nic had whipped up a delicious pesto potato salad and a rocket and parmesan green salad to accompany all our wonderful barbecuing. To say this was a feast is a bit of an understatement and the fact that my only job was to sit down, sip wine and wait for this all to appear on the table…well that was a true delight for me.


What is your favourite food to grill? I can only answer this question if I’m allowed at least 5 different  things because I haven’t even talked about pork yet!


31 thoughts on “Italian BBQ

  1. Wow I loved all your food on the barbecue, the peperoni dolci are really nice I like them a lot and the tomino-incredibly delicious. Very well done! I love to barbecue vegetables and any type of meat. 🙂

  2. You know the meat in Turkey has so far not rocked my world, the quality is not high. I am looking at your BBQ and am pretty much ready to divorce The Turk, move to Italy to find me a noice Italian boy and then eat some of that amazing looking cheese while he bbq’s me some steak.

  3. Oh my… That cheese looks amazing, as does everything else!
    My favorite things to have barbecued is asparagus and broccolini and zucchini. And sausages, any kind of sausages… Yummy.
    Actually, tonight my dad is BBQing a turkey!

  4. Delicious, just loved the beef in Florence. Im sure if you are over 60 your not meant to eat that cheese!

  5. Now I am REALLY missing summer! Would it be wrong to have a Tomino for breakfast? … thats just what I feel like 🙂

  6. Goood ol’ Aussie lamb is our BBQ fave, a deboned and marinated leg, takes about 40 mins, charred outside, pink in the middle, i’m salivating thinking about it! I love the speck wrapped cheese, inspired!

  7. It all looks wonderful. I remember Alex eating an enormous amount of brie type cheese at Barb’s lunch at Thirroul We don’t own a BBQ now, haven’t really got good place for one. But Indian summer here although I expect it will rain before the painting is finished.

  8. Oh my gosh…you grilled all my favorites! Alex would have to fight me for that cheese…my gosh it looks splendid! Yum, is all I can say. I cannot believe how expensive beef is in Sydney! Yikes! And I have planted many pepper varieties and hpe to grill some myself later this summer!

  9. A real feast indeed…everything sounds so good but boy the cheese is what is calling my name while looking at your photos. I’ve always heard that costs in Australia are high but your comparison on the price of the meat really proves the point.

  10. ha, ha, ha, ha …
    definitely delicious …
    I thought you had something special
    If see me eat with you
    on the sofa
    this ain’t no promo
    ha, ha,ha…
    That looks so delicious. I would want cheeses all
    delicious smoky flavour
    deliciously warm
    true delight for me
    the steak looks perfectly grilled

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