Peggy Guggenheim Museum – Venice


Days have run away from me since my last post. I brought the wonderful gift of a head cold back with me from Venice and it has slowed me down somewhat. Mix that with mum and dad’s arrival in Florence and more washing than you can poke a stick at and voilà, this was my week! I am happy to report the sun is actually shining and warmish (words cannot describe how happy this makes me), the head cold is almost gone and I spent a wonderful day with my mum and dad cruising downtown Florence, which is something I haven’t done in quite a while. However, I need to put my Venice weekend to bed but I just had to mention our last stop in Venice because I would have to say it was one of the highlights of our trip.

Firstly, the art work Peggy Guggenheim acquired over her lifetime is jaw dropping and viewing it in what was once her private home; in rooms she frenquented daily, looking at old black and white photographs of her ‘living’ in the house with Picasso, Pollock and Miro surrounding her is just staggering. It’s like peeking into a life you could only dream of (if you dreamt really big!).

The house itself is perched right on the edge of the Grand Canal with breathtaking views, while on the other side there is a magnificent garden to roam and wander through at your leisure, full of sculptures and some you could interact with.


Peggy Guggenheim Museum gardens

We all loved playing around with the above sculpture. You will have to take a visit for yourself and tantalise your senses with this staggering collection of art.

I have a photo of my younger self standing in front of the Guggenheim museum in Bilbao, Spain about twenty or so years ago, so I am quite chuffed I have another Guggenheim I can add to the collection. Here’s hoping I’ll get to the one in New York next month too!


Peggy Guggenheim Museum 2014, Venice

And just to show you what a wonderful area our Airbnb apartment was situated in, this was our street/canal. We were a few more steps down on the right while the Peggy Guggenheim museum was directly across the canal- Perfetto!


18 thoughts on “Peggy Guggenheim Museum – Venice

  1. We were just staring at amazement at the giant orb of light ourselves…it has been a long time since we have seen the sun! I love a great museum, and private collections are the best. I think I could live in that house….glad you are feeling better. Where else will you be in the states? Just New York?

    • I could live in it too! We have had sunshine this weekend yay!!! Nic has a conference in NY so we will be hanging out there only, I’ve never been so I am so excited and my friend Sara (you made her cookies for her baby’s birth?) is hopefully coming to meet us…she is almost about to pop with her second child 🙂
      I’m so, so excited!!

  2. Love your “home canal”! Happy to hear you feel better too, and will have to remember to go inside the next Guggenheim. We only took pictures of us outside the one in Bilbao, I suppose you could call the reason for not going in over dose of culture and art. Annoying in hindsight!

  3. I think collecting Guggenheims is an excellent thing to base a world tour around (mind now racing). I’ve only been to the one in New York and you should definitely put it up the top of your list – I loved visiting very much.

    It definitely sounds as if Penny had an interesting life.

    Fabulously located apartment!

  4. Can someone tell me why you are referring to her as Penny? The marker in the first picture clearly reads, “Peggy.”


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