Sunshine and 50+

As I was flicking around my blog I noticed this will be my 51st blog post! I’m quite impressed with that because it means I have actually been doing enough bits and pieces since this adventure started that I think note worthy and what better way to give myself a slap on the back than with a lovely heads up your pretty sweet from Theblackberryboys with the sunshine award!!


For a blog that really started as a travel diary for myself I am pretty chuffed to see a few other people enjoy reading the in’s and out’s of my family’s adventure to Italy and super chuffed I get some sunshine. Actually I need a little ray of sunshine today, I’ve been in bed all morning sleeping off a chest cold so a little sunshine is just what I need. To except this delightful award I also need to answer a few questions and then nominate my own favourite bloggers (the fun part!) Now lets see if I can tell you a bit more about me…

1. How do you drink your coffee?

In the morning with milk

2. What is your favourite breakfast?

Oh bugger I have to pick one? well Vegemite on toast is my all time comfort food but I love me some poached eggs with spinach and avocado…..not to mention waffles, ohhh and if I’m in the mood a lovely scramble with chilli

3.What is your favourite dessert?

Anything with lemon in it

4. What’s your current profession?


5.What is your favourite movie?

I do love a lot of movies but I have killed off way too many braincells to actually remember the titles correctly……if I have to be honest!…Have i told you how much I love Prosecco?

6.Would you like any more children?


7. What is your favourite colour?


8. What is your favourite song at the moment?

I’m loving listening to Ash Grunwald as I walk at the moment

9. What is your favourite book?

This I can’t answer with one book but I just finished Helen Dunmore Talking to the dead and LOVED it!

10. What is your favourite topic to blog about?

My feet……ha,haa no hands down FOOD!

Bloggers I nominate, in no particular order because your all fabulous and I know a few of you are weighed down with awards already (show offs!) so just add this to your list….and a quick apology before I continue, I know one of the rules is to add the Sunshine icon but I have no idea how to do that so if you have any ideas then please let me know!

Free But Fun


The Adventures of Fanny.P

Journeys of the Fabulist

June Finnigan’s Weblog

Girl in Florence

Transplanted Cook

Married to Italy

Janey In Mersin

Living in the Langhe

All great blogs for you to check out, have a laugh with, drool over the food pictures and enjoy the wonderful writings of these bloggers.

Now my ten questions for you….

1. What’s your favourite season?

2. What do you like best sweet or savoury snacks?

3. Who would you most like to beat in a 100m race?

4. Favourite cocktail……doesn’t have to be alcoholic?

5.& 6. Are you doing the same job you thought you’d do when you were 18? and if not what did you want to be when you were 18?

7. If you could have one food on tap, what would it be?

8. Where are you going to be for Christmas?

9. Which country reads you the most?

10. Are you a scarf wearer or not?

Ok I am officially exhausted and need to go back to bed. Thank you once again for reading, TheBlackberryboys, I love reading your adventures in everything and appreciate the nod in my direction for some Sunshine. I will wake up tomorrow feeling 100% better and hopefully blog about my weekend adventure to the best Thrift store ever!!! Stay tuned 🙂