The magic of chicken noodle soup


We are still in the throes of the rotavirus, however, with a few emails back and forth with my good friend Sue I think I could be coming out of the worst of it…..fingers are well and truly crossed!

What with lemon water sipped through out the day, pasta with a drop of olive oil and what I now call my magical chicken noodle soup, I think we are turning a corner. I say this with confidence as it has been 26hours with NO VOMITING!!!

It might not look like much but this broth packs a punch of goodness and high levels of flavour. Max took his first sip last night and said ‘Ohh, this is delicious!” That could be because it is the first thing he has eaten in a few days…or because it really is delicious.

Stupidly simple, and I was at my wit’s end with this bloody virus so I threw it all together before I walked out the door to relax with friends for a couple of hours and have some freedom and fresh air on Sunday!

I chopped one large onion, 2 carrots (peeled), 2 celery sticks (this turns out to be a lot of veggies).

Heat up a couple tablespoons of olive oil on medium heat, add veggies and saute for 2 minutes then add 5 smashed garlic cloves (husks on no probs) and a good chunk of fresh ginger (about 6cm piece, peeled and chopped).

When you can smell the intoxicating smell of garlic and ginger add about 5-7 stems of thyme.

Place 4 chicken Marylands in , stir to combine and saute for a further 2-4 minutes then add enough cold water to just cover the chicken pieces and bring to a boil.

Once boiled, skim off all the yucky impurities (the foam that looks hideous), reduce heat to a simmer and cook for about 20 minutes. Turn off the heat and let sit for a further 15 minutes.

Remove the Marylands and shred the meat off and place back into the soup. Check seasoning and add salt and pepper accordingly.

I bought a packet of plain Asian noodles at the market so I boiled them off separately (just so the soup will last longer in the fridge), place the noodles in a serving bowl and pour over the broth.

This tastes better after a day of rest (don’t we all) but still delicious if needed ASAP. I like to add a few pinches of dried chilli flakes to mine and I am certain this got my boys to a renewed level of health. Just a little heads up for the wintery months to come.