The other side of Italy no one talks about


I haven’t had an awesome experience or cooked anything that will impress anyone of late, however, I do have a few things I would like to talk about, one that ventures on the gross side. It is a side of Italy (and sadly I cannot contain it to just Florence) I didn’t really want to know about.

In the six months we have been living in Italy I have loved showing off the beauty this country has to offer on my blog; the wonderful walks in the hills, the historic city centres and not to mention the brilliant Italian cuisine. We decided before we came to Italy that we would go without a car for our year abroad. It didn’t make sense to buy/loan a car for the year and then stress about selling it back when we headed back home to Oz. All in all I am enjoying the long walks we take to get around the city of Florence and the continual exercise it provides the family and I. However, being on foot and walking the ‘hood’ has also shown me another side of Italy that I really am amazed at. I have been thinking this for a while but it wasn’t until Max, my older son brought it up on one of our walks to his basket ball training (a 20 min walk at a quick pace) last week.

“Geez mum, I can’t believe how much vomit there is in Italy!”

And there you have it, I said the V word. The reason Max bought it up was because we all just about ran into each other as we rounded a corner and nearly stepped in a fresh patch- YUCK!

You might think, hang on a bit luv I’m not sure this is blog worthy…but let me tell you it is all about the good, bad and the ugly. I’m kinda sick to death of walking around and looking down, especially when this country has so many beautiful sights to look at. You HAVE to look DOWN because there is so much dog shit on the roads and footpaths that it then spreads, that’s right, once someone steps in it, it gets spread even further so walking in a straight line can sometimes be impossible because you are avoiding the dog shit…then the dog shit smear and if your unlucky enough the pile of V at the end of the path! I wish I was carrying on like a pork chop and really hyping it up for you readers but lately I’ve gotta say it is getting worse. I mean the kids are mentioning it!

I am sure I am not alone on this subject? Actually I know I am not when it comes to the dog poop because I saw my 80+ year old neighbour walking back from her daily shopping trip the other day with her walking stick up in the air waving about and her buggy stuck in something; she was going ballistic at a lady near her and guess what she was ranting about?…Dog poop! If I had better Italian I would of gone over to her and said ‘I know it’s horrible but just be careful at the turn in the road because someone just lost their lunch on the curb!’

I know it isn’t the best subject to talk about but one that is on my mind and thankfully not yet on my shoe…sadly I can’t say the same for Alex!