Spring in a bowl

I think it would be very easy for me to sit here and list all my favourite foods I have enjoyed this year and no doubt bore you to tears. No one wants that. However, one of the best foodie tastes I have had this year (and I am putting it right up there with truffles) is the creamy, delicious, succlent, mouth-watering delight called burrata. I was first introduced to it on a pizza at PizzaMan (awesome pizza in Florence). The pizza was thin with a smearing of tomato sauce and mozzarella melted into the crust, then topped with fresh cherry tomatoes, rocket leaves, dollops of burrata and lashings of olive oil: HEAVEN!

Whenever I see it on a menu I order it without a doubt and think there is nothing greater. So when all the delicious spring veggies started popping up in the markets and begging me to buy them, I knew there was a salad I just had to make: spring vegetables seasoned with truffle salt and burrata.


Fava beans, fresh peas and rocket leaves finished with parsley, truffle salt, burrata and olive oil

I could eat fava beans and fresh peas all Spring long and still want more; however, when they are paired with the creamy goodness of burrata and the peppery leaves of rocket, the taste just ignites your senses and you can’t say no! The only way you could make this even better would be to serve it with grilled asparagus…

Grilled asparagus with shaved parmesan

Grilled asparagus with shaved parmesan

And with that said, this would have to be my most favourite meal this Spring…


34 thoughts on “Spring in a bowl

  1. Love, Love, Love! Except the truffle salt – I know, I know, I’m the ONE person on this earth who doesn’t like truffles, so there must be something wrong with me. But everything else you’ve got there, the whole combination, is dreamy.

  2. Yum! I know there is nothing here to compare that burrata with….but gosh those dishes look so springy and fresh!

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever heard of burrata, but I just clicked through and saw “mozzarella with cream” and I’m pretty sure I’m sold already.

    That must have been one of those wine-fuelled macho bravado competitive things. Someone threw down the challenge to make mozzarella better and there was probably quite a lot riding on it (not least of which, honour) and now we have burrata.

    Thank goodness for wine and bravado. I can’t see how else it would have happened.

  4. Looks soooo delicious and fresh with all the green stuff!
    I have actually refound salads as lunches lately (we have good lunches at work but I found I got so sleepy after them so I started to take my own lunch). They are usually easy to make and it is easy to vary them, loads of ingredients I haven’t used for ages. And all of course all the seasonal stuff coming up, like asparagus (which I have never been one to cook before now!).

  5. I’m with the girls above, never heard of it before I guess because it is an Italian thing!
    Looks delicious, love the greens with it. Wouldn’t it be a better world if we could only buy asparagus in Spring! It is in our shops all year long, perhaps from Vietnam or South America. Never as good as the first cut asparagus in Spring.

  6. This would have to be my favourite of all your blogs too, it looks so fresh & sounds like the flavours I would want!!

  7. Burrata is one of my fondest memories of Florence too!! I have tracked it down in Sydney but it didn’t come close to the freshness and creaminess of the ‘real thing’. Have you found Agretti yet? – also known as Barba di Frate (the “Monks Beard”). Delicious cooked then tossed with butter, salt and pepper & served warm. D x

  8. Wow! yummy! I never heard of Burrata. But I think I would love it. Lately I have an obsession for mascarpone. I put it on everything 🙂 Last night I put it on our pizzas 🙂 I will have to try the asparagus grilled. Sounds good. xoxo Fanni

  9. I agree totally with your choice. Our local ristorante, C’era Una Volta, serves a big one up with rocket leaves and charcoal grilled verdure. Sometimes the Burrata is so big, I have to take home a portavia!

  10. Oh my goodness… burrata. I’d never heard of it before but you’ve sold me on it without even trying it. Now its on my list of goodies to seek out over in Five Dock next Saturday… Must. Find. Burrata. I wonder if it will even be available here since it has such a short shelf life. Oh well… it will give me something to look forwards to seeking out next time I’m over there.

      • Nope. No burrata to be found on Saturday in Haberfield. But I didn’t get as far as the italian deli in Five Dock. At least there they speak italian so will know what I’m asking for.

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