Morning walk


The weather app on my phone told me this week will be sunshine and warmth. I was a little apprehensive as I lay in bed and looked out the skylight at the whitewash of cloud at 7.30am, however, by 9am the sun was shining, clouds passed over and there was nothing to see but deep blue sky stretching over the hills. The boys were at school, I had no plans for the morning so I popped on my sneakers, downloaded a podcast from This American Life titled: Somewhere in the Arabian Sea and head out the door.


I love going for morning walks, especially when you have scenery like this to cast your eye over as you climb a steady pace up a surprisingly large hill.


As I am walking and slowly stripping down to my t-shirt (a very un-Italian thing to do in March!) under the suns warmth, I am listening to a whole other world. They are talking about people working everyday jobs in the Navy, out at sea. These people are travelling the world, working and seeing more than they ever dreamt they would and here I am taking a casual stroll in the Tuscan countryside…


As I am heading down a hill toward home, I smile to myself as I walk past the street where our friends came to stay when they visited a few months back.


In fact, it is the same road that butts up onto casa di Boccaccio. Kathleen, I am sure you remember this stretch of road like the back of your hand!


As my postcast comes to an end, so does the stretch of road that brings me back to our main square. An hour was filled with someone else’s stories and views of another persons country while I leave behind nothing but footprints, yet I’m full with memories.

13 thoughts on “Morning walk

  1. There is nothing I love more than taking a nice long walk on a crisp fresh morning. Here we don’t get cool mornings, we get cooler evenings, so I am going to have to start fighting off the mosquitoes to get a walk in. It’s worth it though. I love seeing my surroundings on foot.

  2. I would love that too, except for hills these days. You might miss this in Sydney. When Nic and Arwen were young I always organized holiday in lovely places out of the city. Much walking!

  3. I logged 26+ miles this week, and it felt great, but it certainly had none of that Tuscan charm. I even got pan handled at the park. I love those winding streets….enjoy it all!

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