Natale came early

Buon Natale dear readers, I may be a few days early but I can’t help it. I love Christmas and I am loving the cold weather we are having this year. Sure I enjoy the summer Christmases of Australia and the seafood barbies that go with it but I do love a good winter Christmas too. Chestnuts roasting on an open fire and all that.

I do, however, have a confession to make……I bought, unwrapped and used a present already! Pam and Ian, my wonderful In-laws deposited some Christmas shopping $$$ into our account and I couldn’t hold out any longer, I bought the gift that keeps on giving!


Merry Christmas to meeeee


I couldn’t stand it any longer, the days are getting colder, the pumpkins are ripe for the picking and we are all craving smooth velvety soups. Don’t get me wrong, I love the hearty Tuscan bean soups and ribollita but there is something luxurious about a smooth, creamy pumpkin soup you can dunk your buttery toast in.


Pumpkin, coconut and ginger soup

I am so, so happy that a) I finally have a stick blender back in my life and b) It comes with an added attachment so I can now make dips and marinades. Does life get any better?

I know I should of waited a few more days to unwrap it but that was just not going to happen and I didn’t really think you’d mind too much Pam. 

I will tell you that the boys grumbled home from school the other day asking what was for lunch and when I told them soup…..pumpkin soup they were so excited they gobbled down two bowls of the liquid gold. I call it liquid gold because cooking it with delicious olive oil gives the soup a fantastic velvety, smooth texture you can’t get enough of. Actually I made two batches of pumpkin soup in two days just to see if I was exaggerating the flavour………I wasn’t!


Pumpkin and cumin soup

I thank you in advance Pam and Ian for my wonderful Christmas gift and don’t worry I have purchased a fabulous gift for the boys from you and have it all wrapped up for the 25th!

I don’t think I’ll ever tire of kitchen appliances, not when they can bring you and all your family and friends so much joy!

What do you want in your stocking this year?


23 thoughts on “Natale came early

  1. As me and hubby have a lot of intensive celebrating to do every year starting from Christmas (Christmas, wedding anniversary, new years and both of our birthdays in a fortnight) we’ve decided long ago no small pressies but a common experience and buying something we both want. This year most likely a new computer and the cruise to Stockholm. And some good snacks and energy drinks 😉

  2. That’s what I’m getting for Christmas from family members this year – $$$ so I can replace some more cookware with the good quality ones you’ve recommended! Can’t expect much from hubby as he just got me a bigger car this week, a birthday & Christmas pressie all in one! All I really want now is sleep & time to read a good book.

    Are you missing family & friends at this time or just enjoying the wonderful opportunity of a cold Christmas? Both perhaps?

    • $$$ always seems to please and a book and time out sound perfect for you!! A new car is pretty exciting too.
      We are off to Turin for Christmas so we are keeping busy while the family are on the other side of the world!

  3. I love my stick blender….and I love that soup! That velvety texture sounds delectable right now, and the color is fantastic! Buon Natale! I hope you have an amazing holiday season! I told Santa I needed nothing…I will be gathering stuff at the closeout:(

  4. Looks spectacular! And kudos to you for making such a great selection with your Christmas money! It’s the gift that keeps on giving. I can definitely appreciate that it would be difficult to live without an immersion blender once you’ve had one!
    Happy Holidays!

  5. Buon Natale Baker family. All your life you have wanted to open your chrissie presents early! We always said NO! Look what happens when you move so far away that no one can see you!
    Great gift, well done Pam and Ian. XX

  6. I would like a new dishwasher as mine has broken down, or better still, a full time housekeeper and cook! Otherwise, I would love an iPad, as I seem to be missing out on the fun everyone else is having, and lots of chocolate. Merry Christmas, lovely lady, I envy your ability to come up with such wonderful recipes!

    • I’d like a full time housekeeper too! At the very least a dishwasher full of chocolate sounds doable, however, an iPad for reading blogs on the couch while eating chocolates……even better. Merry Christmas right back at you June

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  7. That sounds perfect, Milly. I was bit distressed that you had no food mixing/blending machines. I couldn’t live without my stick blender for soups..Buon Natale

  8. I haven’t got the hang of using my stick blender. I bought it with credit card points and I’m kind of glad I didn’t spend real money! Then again – maybe I just need to adjust the household repertoire (soups like that one are out – the husband won’t eat them – so that doesn’t help).

    We could definitely make more dips.

    • Oh no! You have to start using it. I got mine out to help whip the butter and sugar together for my shortbread and it worked a treat. Perfect for any dips, milkshakes, smoothies, putting the finishing touches on sauces, warm milk and I am sure many more things I haven’t thought of! The best thing is, if is super fast to clean!!

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