Oh child of mine……..sweet child

I’m sitting in a dark room with a whisp of light peeking through the window crack as my little boy sleeps off yet another attack of vomiting. He looks pale and thin, there is nothing of him and yet he has a faint smile on his lips as I ask if he wants me to sit and stay a while. As I sit here with the tapping of the keyboard breaking through the silence I wonder to myself: will this bout of vomiting finally register with Alex that perhaps it is not a good idea to bite one’s fingernails down to the quick and put foreign objects into one’s mouth?? I go on about germs and ‘food/drink only’ in one’s mouth but my words are left lying in the wake of vomit.

Maybe, just maybe he might now register why I am saying STOP BITING YOUR FINGERNAILS!!!! And honey child you are not sick because you had too much pasta for dinner last night, you are sick AGAIN because you constantly have your fingers in your mouth, you love to rub different textures on your lips, you don’t wash your hands EVERY TIME you have finished playing outside and last but not least Italy is not making you sick (he has a big imagination). No, you are sick again because you love to taste life literally!

Get well sweet child of mine so I can once more turn into the nagging mum you so love to ignore x


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