The gelato search begins…..

A few weeks ago I was chatting with a few regular readers about posts I could write and low and behold the most requested was a search of the best gelato shops in Florence. I’m not one to deny myself….readers of the best that Florence has to offer so I decided today was a great day to start my quest.Β 

The first gelateria I wanted to visit was my local (and one I haven’t been to in a while due to sick kids). It is in Coverciano (on the number ten bus route) and is not hard to miss due to the big cow out front (you drive past it on the bus!).


Mordilatte is a little slice of heaven. I like it even more because it is a bit of a hike from our place (guilt cancelled out) along a very busy main road and I figure, if we all make it in one piece then we deserve what ever flavours we desire! Today was a good day for a walk due to minimal traffic….which is almost unheard of!


When I first visited Mordilatte I was a little dubious as I thought the moulds of gelato looked a little too processed and thought it might be average and run of the mill gelato……oh how wrong I was!



The flavours are bold, natural and intense, just the way gelato should be. We all get a bit starry eyed at the mounds of colourful gelato staring back at us; as you can see by Alex’s face the excitement is hard to hide!Image

Once flavours are chosen it is just a matter of time before you can delve into the creamy heaven you have been longing for.


Alex and Max always, always go for the lemon and then change up the second flavour, today Alex gave the stracciatella a go and he was not disappointed. Happy as a pig in his pen!Image

There is a little piece of greenery out front where you can sit and tease all the passers by with your gelato dripping down your arms and face. The boys remind be of a couple old men comparing their choices.Image

I used to always have gelato in a cone, however, I have decided I no longer want to walk around with gelato stains on my blouse so now I go for una coppa. My flavours today were pistachio (all time favourite) and crema Catalina which was a rich caramel laced getalo that was extremely morish. You can tell the pistachio was excellent because it wasn’t fluro green. The nuts had been lightly roasted and that flavour came across in every single scoop. I always judge a gelateria on the pistachio- if they can bring out the beautiful flavour of the nut then I am one happy camper!Image

This is what you call gelato heaven…no words are needed.

This is one of my all time favourite gelato stops, there was one in Rome that was just as good, however, I have heard of at least two more in Florence that are suppose to be the ‘best’. Stay tuned for my next gelato experience…after all I’m just doing the leg work for your potential visits to this beautiful city πŸ™‚



22 thoughts on “The gelato search begins…..

  1. Ok. I am totally drooling! I want gelato NOW!:) Your pistachio and crema Catalina look heavenly. I loves those flavours too. My Father’s all time favorite is stracciatella, he always has that, but he can never pronounce it correctly:)
    Thanks for the gelato post:) Can’t wait for the next one:)
    Did you end up going to the truffle festival?

    • My pleasure! πŸ˜‰
      The family is loving my “work” right about now lol
      Sadly we missed the truffle festival- right in the middle of the bike tour with busses cancelled/changed…..I’ll just have to find some white truffles now!

  2. Well first I just want to thank you for performing such a selfless act of service to the online community. Secondly – and I hate to burden you further – but you know any business can have a lucky good day (or even multiple days) so I think in the interests of thoroughness and integrity you should make sure they meet expectations on as many occasions as possible.

    Lastly, omg yum. Looking forward to the next stop on the gelato tour of Florence.

      • By the way – just letting you know because you’re one of my favourite blogging people (it’s the icecream… I just went and bought some but of course it’s just normal tub icecream and not a patch on the stuff you’ve photographed above, but it will have to do) that I broke my feed a few days ago by changing my URL. Apparently if you unfollow and then re-follow me it fixes it (per ExpatDadSG). So sorry about this, hoping people will be willing to switch over, although in the meantime I’ve reported it as a bug.

  3. Oh my….love the gelato in Florence! Remember the little shop a few blocks from the city centre we found when you lived there last time? You could always find that one again 😜

  4. OMG! Thank you for doing some hands on research…I’m sure it is hard work! πŸ˜‰
    It looks delish and I’m super envious! I look forward to reading about the next one.

  5. Ciao BI, There was a recent competition to find the best Geletaria in the Provincia di Firenze and it was in the local newspapers. The one voted second best was our very own local one in Montespertoli called Geletaria Fiorentino (the owners are great fans of Fiorentino Football). If you fancy a little drive into the countryside SW of Florence, we are nearly always there late morning on Sundays! But let me know if you are coming as I would hate to miss you!

    • Ciao June- I missed that comp, however, I will hijack my friend with her car and come down for a tasting with a recommendation like that! Of course I’ll let you know before I go- thank you for the heads up x

  6. I can see my entire family (24 of us) hovering around a small shop just a block from Santa Croce….we always got it in a cup because my daughter who was about 11 was collecting the pretty gelato spoons. She came home with at least 100…that seems like a lot of gelato, but we had it almost every day for a week….all of us!!! I would love this challenge, and pistachio is my favorite!

  7. Yum! I have never been a fan of pistachios, but I certainly did enjoy pistachio gelato. Tell Alex good choice on the stracchiatella, too! Wes had gelato at the well-known place (think it starts with a “V”) over by Santa Croche on his last visit and said it wasn’t very good. The place near the Porta al Prato over where we lived was better, although I’m sure it would never make a list of the best gelato in Firenze. I’m guessing that any gelato outside the touristy areas is better than those in central Florence. Same is true for pizza! I’m currently craving Italian hot chocolate, now that the weather in Indiana is COLD.

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