How was your morning?

It’s 4.30pm and I finally get to sit at my computer and contemplate our ‘quick trip’ downtown. Well right there, thinking it was going to be a ‘quick trip’ really set me up for complete and utter failure. Now I know I have blogged beautiful scenic photos and made a lot of you green with envy so this is a blog post for all of you who think I’m ‘living the dream’ 24/7.

For anyone who has lived in Italy for longer than three months, you’ll no doubt roll your eyes and understand when I say I lined up to get my Permesso di Soggiorno this morning. Basically it is a card to say that in fact, yes, you can come and go whilst living in Italy as you have paid extra money, stood in multiple lines, been kept waiting for several hours on several occasions just in case an Italian police officer wants to check your papers….whenever.

We arrive at the questura at 9am, grab a ticket (lucky number F80!) and then proceed to wait with hundreds of other people trying to do the right thing. (I have also heard there are literally 1,000s of people without i.d in Italy so this is a good thing…..waste of money and time, but a good thing!?) I looked up to see the number on the screen and it lit up number F15! Get your books out boys, it’s going to be a long wait……


Right, well that is one and a half hours gone and wasted, how about a game or ten of chess to keep morale high? What is that you say?? Why are all the windows empty? Hmm good question, is it a coffee break or just nobody there? Yep ding, ding, you got it, just nobody there…..!!


Anyway 3 and a half hours later I am happy to say I now have my permesso and happy to be ‘legal’ and living the dream!


We got out of the questura and ran to the nearest cafe for a coffee hit and pastry before we headed back up the hill for home. If anyone is living in and around the Florentine area then you will of experienced the madness of the European bike racing and no doubt also trying very hard to love it. I was loving it until today that is.

You may wonder why the boys were with us today, being Friday and all. Well the reason is because of the bike racing, I guess the council decided they didn’t want to block up all the roads with parents doing the drop off or pick up runs (bikes aren’t even coming close to our school) so they closed all the schools in Florence for Friday, hoping the event would run smoothly. This is of course brilliant for the boys, however, I think they would of preferred something a bit more interesting than a trip to the questura!

After pastries and coffee, we whizzed around to pick up some coconut milk from the Asian store and then off to catch the bus back home. We had just missed the cut off for our bus! That’s right, no more busses run to our neck of the woods until 3-4pm…argghh!!

So, we caught a bus to Campo de Marte where we then proceeded to walk 4 km home along blank, clear roads. Roads that were ready and waiting for hundreds of cyclists to carve up and perform… about 2 hours time. We managed to get home around 2pm and thankfully I had a jar of ragù in my fridge thanks to Max’s friend’s mum who gave us some to try (Ohh I’m liking her more and more!!). I cooked up a bit of pasta, ragù on top and lots of grated parmesan just in the nick of time before Max was about to chew his arm off.

Happy Friday.

22 thoughts on “How was your morning?

  1. Oh Camilla, I feel for you – a very frustrating experience made worse because your kids had to endure it too! I hope you don’t have too many of these experiences while in Italy. At least the pain can be lessened with a glass of vino or some gelato or some other fabulous italian staple 😊

      • Understandable really when there is something like that going on – too bad it was the same day you were running your bureaucratic errands.

        Sounds better than country side Greece, where I was told that I have to “estimate the delay” if I want to be somewhere on time… It was pretty funny though when just travelling 😀

  2. Oh dear! I’m so glad you were able to get it, even if it was a bit of a headache in the process. I’m not really looking forward to some of those details that need tending to when we move.

  3. Ah, Italy, bureaucracy at its finest! When I moved to Florence, 20 gazillion years ago, the women I lived with bribed an official who owed her a favor to fix my papers so I never waited in line, had papers to carry, etc.

  4. Haha! Sounds like the Evanston Post Office! Never more than 2 of the 7 windows open and I think I will die of old age in line, just to see a parking ticket on my car as I only had 5 coins to put in meter!

  5. What a day, can just see the boys………..I guess food,games and books will do it for a little while! Not sure I would have been excited about a 4k walk after that! XX

  6. The bit where they all nicked off for break time is classic!

    Glad your boys survived, and also kind of glad they got the idea that staying home from school isn’t all fun and games. Well, it’s not, is it?

  7. Ha! Sounds like the Department of Motor Vehicles….when my wallet was stolen, the only thing that really made me mad was my driver’s license and knowing it would take HOURS to get. No wonder I was snarling in my photo! I love these blogs though, real life and then food!

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