Settignano…..Best views of Florence


I know I have talked about our family walks a few times, however, one of our favourite places to wonder around would have to be Settignano. I could go on and talk about the winding roads and picturesque views of rolling hills and breath taking views of Florence, OR, I could just show you! For anyone visiting Florence for a few days and eager to head out of town and away from the million other tourists for a couple of hours, then I suggest you go on down to Piazza San Marco, jump on the number ten bus and enjoy the ride up to Settignano (which will take about 25minutes). The bus drops you right in the heart of Settignano and from there you can stroll around the town and up into the hills for breath taking views of the Italy I am sure you really want to see. Don’t take a map, just walk and enjoy the views, you won’t get lost, however, you could just fall in love with the place.

Another great feature of this town are the wonderful cafes you can visit and rest your weary legs at and for the gelato lovers, there is a gelateria there as well! Take a moment to feast your eyes on this beautiful part of the world and start planning your next trip to a mountain village near you……fresh country air does you the world of good!


It was a soaring hot day as you can see by the heat haze but hiding in the shade made it painless.Image

I am never sure if we are just way to embarrassing to be seen with or just really slow walkers but Max will always be strides ahead of us.


The other side of town, I could sit and look at this view for hours….


and if you decide to jump off the bus a little earlier this pic is taken from the bottom end of town and also includes a good butt workout!


Oh, we must of been really slow here!Image

I love this peek a boo shot of the city….Image

A cheap, cheerful and extremely relaxing way to see a little bit more of this glorious city!

16 thoughts on “Settignano…..Best views of Florence

  1. Wow! Great post. I could imagine myself strolling there πŸ™‚ Beautiful pictures, great view. Next time also take a picture of the gelateria πŸ™‚ I love Toscana! We took Blackberry #1 there for his first ever holiday, when he was 7 months old!:) We lived in an agriturismo near Pisa.

  2. I’m with theblackberryboys…..bakery please! The view really is gorgeous, and I love those ancient stone roads. Thank you for taking us on your adventures!

  3. That does look good! As for too embarrassing vs too slow, if my 5yo didn’t veer wildly side to side and stop to look at every second thing that catches his attention, we would have the same problem. As it is, I’m looking forward to having your problem! (I’ll regret saying that.)

    But lovely views and sounds like an easy trip to make once you know how. I bet the bus ride is scenic itself, too.

  4. Love views with Duomo in distance. never tire of this city. Sunday walks sound wonderful. Boy swill talk about when they’re old! Sent you email too!

  5. How absolutely stunning! Thanks for taking us on your journey. It is a joy to read and see all your posts. Keep up the very talented work! X

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