Summer lunches


We have been in our place for two weeks now and I have noticed we are eating like royalty. Obviously we all have our own opinions on what we think is a specialty item, however, when I use to buy the tight, tough little balls of mozzarella back home for $8 a piece and think that was well worth the $$$, you can only imagine the delight when I go shopping here an buy a packet of three buffalo mozzarella balls for a third of the price I pay for one back home. I have to add prosciutto, tomatoes and faro to this list, not to mention the flavour bursting melons, nectarines, peaches and strawberries.


I did think I needed to watch what I ate before arriving in Italy as I didn’t want to turn into a mozzarella ball myself. However, now that I’m here I’ve discovered I have to walk a round trip of 2km to the nearest grocery shop, and I’ve decided that is a perfect amount of walking for me to eat whatever I want when the need arises without any guilt trip.

Lunches seem to be our favoured meal of the day so far. I am trying all the different types of bread offered in our local bakery from schiacciata to Toscana bread (made with no salt) to pane con sale (made with salt). I’m even more pleased with myself that I have actually put my language skills to the test at our local bakery and ordered our daily bread in Italian from start to finish AND she understood! This is a highlight for me thus far as I usually walk into a shop, freeze, smile and then do some kind of mime to get what I came for. Usually by the end of the transaction I always walk out with something, just not what I always intended to buy. Despite my Italian teacher’s despair of me talking here in Italy, the tiny bits of Italian I did learn in Sydney are actually paying off and working for me!!


As you can see from the photos I have uploaded there is a pattern with our lunches. Tomatoes feature most frequently, along with bread and mozzarella and prosciutto. Alex has turned into a massive fan, if he had his way he’d be quite happy sitting down to a whole tomato and mozzarella ball and taking alternative bites until they were devoured! This is amazing coming from a boy who didn’t really like tomatoes back home and only wanted mozzarella on his pizza, melted.


While the sun sits high in the sky and keeps my basil plant flourishing, we will keep devouring as much cheese (OMG, I haven’t even mentioned how fabulous the pecorino cheeses are…..I’m slowly working my way around the deli!), prosciutto, tomato and anything else that looks delicious until the weather starts to cool and I venture into the kitchen and turn on the oven.

I can’t see that happening for quite a while, funnily enough I am absolutely OK with that. The only thing I have neglected to eat more of is gelato and thankfully we just discovered a great looking gelateria down the hill this morning as we meandered down for coffee and a pastry at the most fantastic pasticceria we walked past the other day, so that will be next on the list of shops to visit.

10 thoughts on “Summer lunches

  1. Oh my goodness all that looks yummy. I have to agree about the price variations though – here it would be very expensive to buy that stuff. Back in Brisbane several items would grow in our garden for free if we left the garden untended long enough. This is why it’s good to eat local, I guess! But you’ve got me craving what’s on your plate…

    • Yes, eating local is the way to go but even local produce in Sydney costs a bomb. Never have I seen tomatoes in Australia for .98cent a kilo in peek season! I’m sure ill be craving Asian flavours soon enough. Are you in Singapore now?

      • Yes, the price at the shops is no better in Qld than NSW – it only works out if your cherry tomatoes, basil and rocket are planting themselves all over your back yard. Yes, we’re in Singapore. The meat and the milk are the big differences here. Basic chicken and Pork are ok (locally produced) but anything else…. At least the tomatoes aren’t bad value, and they’re practically giving away the dragonfruit!

  2. All the foods we lust after, how beautiful Bakers. You should lookout you will have half of Australia to visit! The Streeters will be first on the list.

  3. You are going to drive us all crazy with jealousy! I made pizza last night and could really have done with some of that beautiful mozzarella 🙂

    • Well I can’t help it! We haven’t had a pizza since we left Rome but lots of faro. It’s $1.67 a pkt here, I paid $11 a pkt just before I left Sydney…..maybe I’ll get into importing?

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