Firenze = Home


After saying goodbye to our lovely holiday in Rome we have finally made it to the beautiful hillsides of Firenze, our new home for the next year.

It’s summer in Italy and I now know why Italians pack up and leave to go on holidays in August- it’s HOT!

Born with pale, freckly skin and a very low tolerance for heat (I use to pass out when I was a kid while mum blow dried my hair!!), summer isn’t the best season for me and yet I don’t have a bad thing to say about the scorching 38 degree days that don’t cool down until about 8.30pm each night.


We arrived at our villa and were greeted by our landlords who couldn’t be more friendly, kind and warm. We were welcomed with cold glasses of iced tea and a beautiful air-conditioned room to relax in while we heard about the region, our house and lots of other things that I didn’t really understand- this is a work in progress!

I find myself smiling a lot, nodding and saying ‘si’ more than I possibly should but it feels better than saying nothing at all……I think this is called Game on Baker!


Although our house is much smaller than I thought it would be….quite a lot smaller in fact; it is very modern with high ceilings (it use to be a stable to a Strozzi villa), lots of air flow (plus a back up a/c for those still, steaming hot nights) and the most beautiful view all around us- nothing to complain about at all!!

Our place has a trail meandering straight past our gate that gets used as the local running track and when I set off on my own run/explore, it only got better with the bends and pot holes in the road. I have since been told it is an actual road but I find it hard to believe as I have never seen a car up this end of the ‘woods’ (this is the name Alex likes to call the path).

ImageLife is feeling pretty sweet right about now. I will start the Distant learning schooling in a day or so and I am sure that will whip me back into reality, but until then I am going to sit back and smell the roses I have growing in my front garden…


Watch the boys soaking up our new outdoor living space (we lived in a apartment with a tiny balcony in Sydney) and pretend I am still on holiday while Nic goes off to do his research in the beautiful grounds of Villa i Tatti.


Please note, this could be the last post where I sound relaxed and tranquil so let me enjoy it while I can…….home schooling has always been something I have never wanted to do and I do not understand why anyone would choose to do this unless it was the only possible way. Yes, I am feeling nervous about it!


4 thoughts on “Firenze = Home

  1. Your new life in Firenze looks gorgeous! What a dream! Yes, reality will kick back in soon but you’re allowed to enjoy life’s beautiful moments when they come, so boast all you want! I understand what you mean about the heat – I wilt under 5 mins of direct sunlight at any time of the year, so Brisbane suits me really well….NOT!

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