Take two is just about to take off

With 90% of the packing accomplished and all of the little bits and pieces finally finalized in Sydney I am happy to be able to say….I think I’m ready to go.

With only a few days left in Sydney a calm seems to have washed over me, I am looking forward to what next week will bring. I always love that about travel- one day you’re in Sydney complaining about the cold snap, the next your trying so very hard not to fall asleep at 1pm on the Spanish Steps in Rome!!

Alex, my very loving 7 year old is having a struggle as time ticks on. Today he almost looked sick with anxiety, we hug A LOT and just when you think there could be no more hugs he has one waiting to pounce on you. I’m trying to explain the beautiful smells, sounds and sights of Italy but it is really hard to put it into words that a 7 year old can comprehend, sometimes I think I make it worse!

My new approach is ‘relax, first we will holiday in Rome, you will have your birthday and then we will think about the rest….’ This is working!

We lost just about all of our photos from Italy due to being robbed when we moved back to Australia a few years back and I blame this on why my memory is so fuzzy, however, thanks to my sister and our beautiful friend Jo we took a trip down memory lane to the Italian life we left behind almost 8 years ago. After looking at these photos I am happy to tell you there are a few things we have changed this time around.

On top of my list is the furniture in our new accomodation!!

ImageAs you can see from the above photo, we only had outdoor seating indoors!

The first thing I noticed in our new furnished home was the beautiful, comfy leather couch- perfetto!

And while I don’t have these ratbags to entertain this time round……

ImageI am looking forward to showing the grown up version of these two monkeys the delights of living in another country where food and pride in family take first place. They are already talking about what we will be eating for dinner when we arrive in Rome, but I just need to get them off the ipad/pod/tunes blahh,blahh to see there are better things than electronics, however, hugs from their newly arrived cousin will be muchly missed.


See you all when we begin our year in Florence!!

Ciao a tutti!


12 thoughts on “Take two is just about to take off

  1. Wow, I can’t believe you’re calm Camilla! I’d be so frazzled with all those details to attend to! Gorgeous photo of you all – you’re youngest, Alex?, looks quite similar to my 7yr old Michael when he was that age – it is hard remembering things when they were that young. We lost our first 2 months of photos with him as I drove over the films that had dropped out of the car! Thank goodness for sisters & friends to fill it all in!

    I hope you have a wonderful year in Italy and that settling in proceeds smoothly and that you all keep safe and well. Can’t wait to read all about it! Take care, Gilly.

  2. What a fantastic opportunity!! I can’t wait to see your pictures and read all about your adventures!! Good luck on the journey there – it will be well worth it when you get there!! Sending a big hug!! Love Lisa

  3. So good to see you all in Sydney last week, just think Hamish will be big enough to run around with the boys by the time you return!

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