Three weeks to go!!

I feel like two weeks have just up and left my memory, how can it really be only three weeks left for me to have everything ready and organized before we leave for the warm summer air of Italy??

It’s been a bit of a funky week- just when I was getting back into blogging again we get our first ever ‘you have reached full capacity of your Internet usage’. Translation, the boys have been hammering Skype, mine-craft and utube videos about mine-craft! A quick removal of wifi on their devices gives me little comfort as I patiently wait for our usage to boot up again which starts me thinking about Internet usage in Italy.

The boys (mostly Max) will want to stay in touch with Aussie mates more than ever, home schooling will be done via Internet a lot of the time and my daily trolling of websites will chew through the usage…..Hmmm how much will be enough?, how do you ask for meta, mega or whatever they are called bytes in Italian??? This is when I thank the stars Nic’s Italian is 1,000 times better than mine. He’ll be the one navigating the Italian wifi/phone situation….. I need to breath deeply.

I’d love to tell you it’s a walk in the park, the romantic notion of living in another country for a year is sheer bliss, however, I wake up nightly thinking of all the little things I haven’t done yet, things I should of done and the stuff I will need to do once we arrive. Not to mention I have just finished my last Italian lesson and feel like I need another months worth of lessons because the class on ‘phone calls’ wasn’t my best effort….OK I just won’t answer the phone- problem solved!

Sure there will be wonderful strolls along the Arno, delicious gelati, rolling Tuscan hills and beautiful people to gaze at but with a swift shake into reality the day to day life creeps into my memory; shopping with out a car, shopping in another language, scrubbing the many tiles of an Italian house (seriously I have never scrubbed as many tiles as I did when we last lived in Italy, I could feel all the Nonnas eyes on my little apartment making sure I was keeping up with the Jones).

SO, here we are three weeks to go and I have the storage all organised, visas ready, suitcases out blocking the hall because they are so big I can’t fit them in anywhere else and my sun spots burnt off my face ready for the Italian summer! Deep breaths and a few more yoga classes should keep me calm enough to finish everything off here….I just need to stop excepting the last minute teaching/cooking jobs too!

12 thoughts on “Three weeks to go!!

  1. It’ll be a hectic last few weeks but really, so long as you make it to the airport with everybody, all passports and ideally a purse with some money and a credit card in it, everything else is probably fixable. Hope you have a fabulous time.

    I checked the expat forum I’m a member of in Germany and there was a thread about similar forums for Italy so if you want (to increase the time you spend on the internet), it’s here:
    Even though you’ve lived there before, I’m sure there’s lot of things, like up-to-date information on internet providers, that could be useful for you. It’s always hard to find that fine line between becoming immersed in your new country and language and looking for stuff in English just because it’s practical and easier but no harm to have a look. Best of luck.

    • Thank you, I am sure it will be all fabulous as soon as I hop on the plane with everyone in toe! I’ll check out the link for sure, much appreciated.
      Cheers Camilla

  2. So exciting! I am so anxious to read about your life immersed in this culture with your family. I dream of running away to Italy (Parma would be my city of choice!) but alas, here I am….have a glass of red for me! Safe travels!

    • I’ll have a glass of vino or two for you no worries!
      Hopefully I’ll tempt you to finally get to Parma Susie… only live once so you have to do what you can ASAP! :]

  3. Ah yes, I love the “Wow, you lived in Italy, that must have been amazing!” comment whenever it comes up in conversation. Always gets me laughing, thinking about the realities of living in a foreign country with a 4yo and a toddler. Just think, it HAS to be easier this time!!!

  4. You are almost there Bakers, just a few boxes and a quick play with your nephew to get you going! I am looking forward to reading all about your adventures & just looking at my Florence photos from the last visit makes me want to come & visit again!

  5. Wishing you the best of everything Italy has to offer, and a small dose of luck and you will be in heaven!! Looking forward to living vicariously through your blog, … and maybe even following in your footsteps one day. Deb Callaway x

    • Thanks Deb, can’t wait now. I’m looking forward to posting yummy food pics and funny stories regarding me and my ‘interesting’ Italian tongue! Stay tuned it will get better lol x

  6. As I’m cooking up big (using some wonderful pots and pans that came my way) preparing for the first week of term and my first week back at work next week I’m thinking of you all and hoping that you have had a few minutes to catch your breath and start to enjoy the journey ahead x

    • Yay!! So glad you can use them. By 3pm tomorrow we will be excited and free from the stress of a move- something you know about! Looking forward to our Roman pizza on Wednesday x

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